Introduction Two Categories History Kalachakra Men-Tsee-Khang

An introduction to Tibetan astrology

Tibetan astrology is used in different fields of life. When a baby is born parents will consult the astrologer to cast a birth horoscope. A couple will look for marriage compatibility. Yearly predictions are made to see what will happen during the year. Horoscopes are commonly used in times of change, such as moving to a new house; starting a new project or travelling to far away places. Astrology can also be used to make long-term weather forecasts. 

Tibetan astrology has a close relationship with Tibetan Medicine and they are often taught together. If a person has health problems, astrology is used for diagnosing the disease and finding the right cure. Therefore all medical students have to study the basics of Astro. Science, but astrology students are free to choose whether they want to study medicine.

When people die, horoscopes are made for funeral arrangements. Astrologers can advise on rituals and methods of burial.

Western astrology focuses on personal talents and the psychological analysis of personality. But this is not the main interest of Tibetan Astrology. It concentrates on predicting a general life span to see what could possibly happen in a person's life. However, Tibetan astrology is not a fatalistic system. A person's life can be changed for better or worse by his or her own actions. Religious practice will create a better life by purifying karmic potentials, and an astrologer can advise on suitable practice and amulets. Extraordinary external circumstances, like a war or a nature catastrophe, can change a person's life span. In this case deep buried karmic potentials, that were not meant to be played out in the present incarnation, can play a part and decide whether or not the person will be lucky.

Tibetan Astro. Science is divided into two main categories, Byung-rTsis (Elemental astrology) and Kartsi (Astronomy). A full Tibetan birth horoscope is made by using Planetary calculations and an Elemental horoscope together with Arising Vowels system.

Tibetan astrology has a long history and its oldest literature dates back to the 7th century. Within Tibetan Buddhism are different schools and variations of root text. Similarly, there are some variations inside the different schools of Tibetan Astrology depending on which monastery or institute is concerned.



Introduction Two Categories History Kalachakra Men-Tsee-Khang